Supernature is more than nature as science, or nature as art – it exceeds the boundaries of these classificatory systems and opens up a space where the species of things conjure wonder and curiosity, as well as fear and repugnance.

This issue of Drain explores the limits of ‘nature’: its extremeties, its uselessness, its non-existence. Neither transcendent nor reified, ‘supernature’ is heterogenous and interdependent: it mimics, inverts, entombs and subverts the natural. Here, the classifications and hence, boundaries between art and nature are eliminated, and the unstable category of the speculative ensues.

Feature Essay
Convergence Zone: The Aesthetics and Politics of the Ocean in Contemporary Art - Abigail Susik

Opening the Tomb: Supernature, Beautiful Decay, and Ruination - Ricky Varghese
Imaging Lazarus: The Undead in Contemporary Painting - Steve Locke

Interview with Isabel Manalo - Craig Drennen
Artifacts of Memory. Crystal Schenk at Lindfield Gallery - Jennifer Rabin
Questioning Necessity. Xin Cheng: Mixtures - Victoria Wynne-Jones
Interview with Carrie Gundersdorf - Avantika Bawa

Creative Writing
Host - Monty Reid
Teach Me – Ian Rhoodewalt

Feature Show
Preternatural - Curated by Celina Jeffery

Art Projects
Wide Receivers - Mónika Sziládi
Satellite Fields – Nadia Anderson
Dead Wrestlers – Judith Baumann
Zombie Argument - Harrison Higgs
Where The Other Hand is Clapping - Aaron Wexler
The Clipperton Project - An International Initiative

This issue was edited by Celina Jeffery
                                                                           Supernature - Vol. 7, No. 2, 2012