Drain is a refereed on-line journal published biannually. The journal seeks to promote lively and well-informed debate around theory and praxis. Each issue of Drain will have a specific concept that it explores. We are especially keen to publish pieces that connect the conceptual framework of each issue to themes such as globalization, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, capitalism and new technologies, as well as ethical and aesthetic concerns. As such, we welcome creative responses to contemporary culture, as well as written work by practitioners in the field of culture. Our primary mission is to provide an environment where a variety of creative activities can be explored with a combination of sensitivity and rigor.

Managerial Board:
Avantika Bawa
Celina Jeffery
Greg Minissale

Text Editors:
Craig Drennen
Celina Jeffery
Greg Minissale
Adrian Parr

Art Editors:
Avantika Bawa
Jenene Nagy
Owen Mundy

Advisory Editors:
Ian Buchanan - Institute for Social Transformation Research, University of Wollongong, Australia
Steve Locke - Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, MA, USA
Martin Patrick - College of Creative Arts, Massey University, Wellington, NZ
Edward Shanken - University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, NL
Simon O'Sullivan - Goldsmiths College, London, UK
Ricky Varghese - University of Toronto, Canada

Managing Editor:
Alex Young

Web Administrator:
Emily Igawa

Drain would like to thank Adam Aylard, Jeannette Altman and Cyril Guichard for their work on the website of the previous issues. We would also like to thank our past administrative assistants, Michelle Barczak, Jodie Cavalier, Erin Dziedzic, Brantley Johnson, Eleanor Luken, Megan Toye, Laura Ann Meyers, and McCalla Hill. Finally, we would like to thank 'you', our patrons and readers, for your continued support.