This issue of Drain explores through word and image the concept of rewind in contemporary art and culture.

What is it that we do when we rewind? What are the politics of personal and cultural rewind? Can we really see, feel, and act again? What are the phenomenological dimensions of rewind? Rewind is structured in years, days, moments, and with scents and images, words and sounds, and more besides, but when we rewind mechanically, technologically and with all the forces of our representation in art and praxis, do we really rewind or do we spin forward into myth? What is the vocabulary of rewind? Does rewind capture or release us?

This issue of Drain calls for expressions of rewind in all their intense and fiercesome power, and in their delicate and poetic ruptures, and even in their day-to-day absurdities and incursions into our present continuum. Why do we continually desire a multiplicity of timelines and temporal anomalies? And why do we continually seek the resolution of cyclical and linear time? This issue seeks understanding not only of the structure of recall and refrain, Proustian, Bergsonian, Husserlian, Eliadian, Deleuzian and others, but in our digital existence, in the science fiction films we see, with our installations and looped digital artworks, and in the things we say, with our songs, when re-write and paint over and erase the desire to live again. Can rewind become a power for renewal?


Feature Essay
Restlessness and Reception: Transforming Art Criticism in the Age of the Blogosphere - Martin Patrick

Utopia: 1969: renversement - Caroline Kelley
Duchamp’s Fountain and Deleuze’s Repetition and Difference -
Gregory Minissale
A Plasma Screen at every corner: Utopia/ Dystopia? -
Sally Metzler

Good Boy: Urs Fischer at The New Museum - Craig Drennen
Interview with Eric Fischl Tauromachy: Eric Fischl’s “Corrida in Ronda” Paintings -
Jennifer Park
Economics as if People Mattered -
Micah Malone
Portland 2010 -
Lisa Radon

Creative Writing
Three Shades - JR Ramelo
The Last Time I Saw Quinn -
Elizabeth Lopeman
Moriah -
Ian Rhodewalt
In-a-Minute Men -
Bernadette Esposito

Feature Artist
Victoria Fu - An Interview with Susanne Ø. Sæther

Art Projects
Rewind: When is now? - U of Ottawa and PNCA collaboration
Dniwer -
Ziad Nacche
Rewind -
Harrison Haynes
Swarm -
Seth Nehil (remix)
Half-Remembered, Half-Forgotten -
Liz Darlington
 This issue was edited by  Greg Minissale
Rewind - Vol. 6., No. 2, 2010